Elderly Gentlemen's Golfing Section (EGGS)

Colloquially known as the EGGS it represents the vibrant Seniors Section of the golf club. From very modest beginnings it has grown strongly to involve more than 60 members and has a full and interesting calendar of competitions, matches and more recently social events. 

First and foremost the section is about:

1. Aims and Objectives


2. Officials and Committee

A Committee shall run the Section. At the AGM normally held in January the membership shall endorse the appointment of Captain, Vice Captain and new committee members for the golfing year January to December. The officials shall be supported by a minimum of 4 Committee members.

3. Funding

There will be a standard annual subscription to be paid in January but pro rata fees exist depending on time of joining the EGGS.

Funding in necessary to settle the Sections obligated expenditures which include:-

4. Nominated EGGS playing day

This is solely Mondays but excludes Bank Holidays. EGGS have the 1st and 10th tees reserved from 08.30 to 09.30. From 1st December to 28/29th February EGGS Monday events instead start at 09.00 because of poor early morning light.

A number of EGGS play purely social golf on Wednesdays and Fridays commencing after 08.00 according to tee time booked. These days have nothing to do with the EGGS Section.

5. EGGS competitions

On most nominated Mondays the EGGS have a ‘roll-up’ basis for a ‘£ in the hat’ competition. The format is stableford off full handicap. The two players with the highest points score receive first and runner-up prizes but are penalised by 2 and 1 stableford points respectively for the remaining ‘£ in the hats’ duration of the year. Any player with additional wins will be further penalised. Between January and November each members best 6 scores are aggregated to determine the overall winner of the EGGS ‘£ in the hat’ trophy.

In addition, 5 EGGS days in the golf calendar have been identified for ‘internal’ competitions. These competitions are individual events with tee times being predetermined by a draw. Members use their official Club handicap. The best 3 scores are rewarded. The best 4 aggregated scores from these 5 competitions plus the Captain’s away-day score determine the overall winner of the EGGS ‘golfer of the year’; to enter these events EGGS members pay a fixed sum which is used to offset the cost of post-match refreshments available to participants.

The EGGS programme also includes numerous team events and other challenges in many different golfing formats.

The Section also runs an annual pairs knockout competition. Partners are determined by luck of the draw, as is the KO draw. Matches are played a 4BBB. A trophy and reward go to the winning pair.

6. Interclub matches against other clubs

The EGGS Section have matches scheduled against senior groups from other clubs played on a home and away basis.

Teams are selected according to availability together with how many matches (home & away) each has already played. The availability list for these matches is posted on the EGGS notice board. The competitions secretary select teams often by draw according to those Members available and then pair the selected players together with identifying the order of play for each. The team sheet selection is displayed on the EGGS notice board at least 10 days before the match.

Dress code for home matches FOG EGGS Section employ a policy of wearing ‘smart casual’ for the after-match meal. For away matches dress code is determined by the ‘home’ club. The dress code for each away match is indicated on the appropriate team sheet.

7. Golf Handicap

Any new member should not be deterred from joining the EGGS because they are new to golf and/or may not have a bone fide handicap. The EGGS group is an ideal launch pad to assist such members in 1) getting a bone fide handicap, 2) maintaining an active handicap and 3) encouraging their game.

8. Communication

The EGGS notice board provides a convenient means of communicating to the members so always keep an eye open for forthcoming events, team sheets etc. however, the communications secretary also conveys some of this information plus additional items relevant to the section by email.

9. Interested in joining the EGGS

Anyone interested in joining the EGGS is welcome to contact any official or committee members who can be identified from various notices on its dedicated notice board.